How to Keep the Cakes Fresh: Oven Care Tips?

The oven is one of the hardest to maintain if you use it frequently. If you roast meat you are going to have juices and spills all over the place and since its super-hot right after being used, owners tend to postpone the cleaning and eventually forget till we put in the next meal.

It’s the same with baking or casserole dishes and you can easily have splatter marks and stubborn spills that get caked up over time and due to the high heat. If you don’t clean your oven frequently cleaning your oven after some time is going to be the hardest chore ever

Poorly maintained ovens have temperature issues and sometimes do not heat up properly or tend to an odour due to the different kinds of food being put inside.

Below are few tips on how to maintain your oven.

Tip 1: Use the Self-Cleaning Feature

Nowadays modern ovens have a self-cleaning feature. What this does is use very high heat to burn off spatters and spills without the use of any chemicals.

Refer to the manual that came with your oven on how to use the self-cleaning feature. Once the oven cools down just using a rag wipe down the insides.

Be careful to never leave your house after putting your oven on self-cleaning mode. The entire house might be burned down by the time you come back.

Tip 2: Don’t play with the Knobs

Some owners tend to remove oven knobs to clean them. Do not do this because they are directly connected to the control system.

You can actually get electrocuted when you remove the to spray clean. Just wipe around them but don’t try remove them.

Tip 3: Check your Gas Line

If you buy a new one to replace the old one at home, the general rule is to always replace the gas line as well and not just connect the old gas line to the new one.

This makes sense because over time there can be leaks in the line and new oven new lien makes sense.

However, even if you haven’t changed your oven it’s good practice to check and replace your gas line. If you haven’t done this in a while, I’d recommend that your call in some experts and have a look today.

Tip 4: Unplug before cleaning

This should go without saying to any type of electrical appliance. Before bringing anything with water or cleaning chemical near the oven make sure you let it cool down if it’s after a cook and then unplug it before cleaning the insides and do not plug it in until after it is completely dry.

These are just a few tips to maintain your oven. There are so many things you can do to be extra careful with your oven like checking the burner regularly, cleaning your racks and checking the door gaskets for any heat that is leaking.

These little things can go a long way.

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