Dealing with Divorce and Family Law Matters – A 4 Step Guide


Both divorce and family law matters are highly complicated and tend to be quite difficult on the people involved. The judges and lawyers involved may have seen countless cases of such nature and it will not be such a complex issue for them, however, for the spouses and their families, the whole experience will be a lot to handle.

It is not possible to generalize a set of recommendations on how one must face an experience of this nature, since there are a lot of emotions involved. We have put down a few simple steps which you can follow to make it all easier on yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t hear everything you believe

Your family, friends and many others will talk to you, comfort you and advise you during these troubled times and you will of course welcome all that politely. Especially those that have gone through divorces of their own will have a lot to say to you. However, you mustn’t think too much about these, and you should certainly not expect outcomes similar to what others have gotten in similar cases.

Just because someone you know got full custody of their kids or $10,000 in child support, you cannot expect the same outcome for your case, because these are determined on the specific conditions surrounding the spouses who are getting separated. Therefore, listen to what everyone has to say, but don’t believe all of it and set unrealistic expectations.

Find the right lawyer

This is perhaps the most important decision pertaining to the legal separation you will have to make. The capabilities, experience and skills of the solicitor you chose will have a direct impact on you getting the result you want in the end of the process. Start by finding information about reputed law firms in your area to narrow it down to one family law firm that best fits your requirement.

If your spouse is sure to try and destroy you at the hearing, it will be advisable to go with a lawyer who is well experienced in handling such intense cases. But if the two of you want to cultivate a good relationship even after the divorce, a lawyer who follows a collaborative approach would be more suitable. 

Get organized

There will be a lot of debate on how property division, custody of children and financial support is to be determined and you will have to present all kinds of proof to verify your financial position. This is required to maintain the high transparency of the process. Therefore, it would be a good idea to seek advice from your lawyer and get this information ready as early as possible.

Surround yourself with support

Divorce cases are hard on a person’s emotions and their finances, and you must have so people to rely on to help you through these. You’d be surprised by just how great it feels to have someone to simply talk to after a bad day, and you can turn to counselling, support groups and your family and friends for this.

Legal fees can also be a serious burden, especially if the case is getting dragged for much longer than you expected. Therefore, be prepared to spend a little extra if it comes to that by sourcing in advance.

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