An Employer’s Guide – 5 Ways to Decrease Stress in The Work-Place


No employer wants their workers to be stressed. Not only does stress make them not like their job, but it diminishes productivity greatly. Thankfully, handling it is not hard. 5 things to do are discussed below.

Be Open

Make it easy for your workers to communicate with you. With the barrier gone, not only will they open up, but they’ll also feel better. You don’t have to be an expert to know that talking about your feelings helps. By getting to know why they feel the way they do, you can also do something about it.

Let them know that you’re open to discussion, then do things to actively encourage them to speak. Asking them how they’re doing one-on-one is a good technique.

Redo the Space

The environment you’re in plays a major role on your mood. Unfortunately, your office may have not been touched up in a while. There are monotone walls that don’t help with motivation, uncomfortable chairs, cubicles that’re suffocating, and horrible coffee.

By making the space livelier, employees would enjoy working in it. You don’t have to spend a lot to redo it– a pop of colour and new furniture are fine.

Build A Team

The more comfortable someone is, the less stress they’ll feel. Although your workers are around each other the whole day, they may not be close. Encouraging them to be social helps them be more comfortable, but it helps them befriend each other too. They can work together instead of stressing alone.

Encouraging such activity is easy; you can hold workshops and outings.  You can also stop by and see how they’re doing, conversing with them. This’d get the ball rolling for them to start speaking.

Expert Help

You can bring in a third party. There are companies that specialize in teaching workers tools to handle stress. Because although the above points may help, some of their tasks may be very hard.

The best companies for employee wellbeing help with stress as well as boost morale in the work-place. You should keep this in mind when on the hunt. You’ll have happy workers that’d get their job done better.


As you can imagine, working from home is more comfortable than the office. Your employees’ stress would plummet greatly if you allow them to do so. Their loyalty would boost too – it’s a luxury not many employers offer.

Final Thoughts

In our day and age, stress in the work-place is a very real issue. The worst employers don’t do anything about it. When your workers are not happy, it affects their productivity. More importantly, it ruins the quality of their work.

Thankfully, tending to it is not difficult, as discussed. The best and most easy would be creating an environment that lets them speak freely. You’d be able to do something that’d sort their issue. Of course, bringing someone in to help would be good too. There are several people you can hire. They’d teach your employees tools to handle stress better.

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