6 Things to Consider When Buying Attachments for Excavators

The number of attachments for excavators is immense. No one would blame you if you’re intimated by the choices. To know which would work the best, heed our points. We discussed everything you need to know in our article.


Who’d want to spend more than they have to? The attachments aren’t the cheapest. If you don’t look around, you’ll likely spend a lot. Depending on the type you want, and the material it’ll be able to handle, the amount you’ll spend would differ.

As you can imagine, second-hand ones are the most affordable. That being said, they may not be the right choice. Not only would you not get a warranty, but the attachments could be in poor condition.


You can’t just use one bucket for anything – they’re specific per application. Trying otherwise would make the work harder than it should be. You could end up breaking it too.

You can’t purchase attachments online, as they’re too big to deliver. You’re restricted to what the shops in your area offer. That’s why you’re recommended to look thoroughly, even in adjacent towns.

Accessories Needed

Depending on the item you grab, you may need to purchase accessories. If you’re short on cash, this is not what you want to hear. They may wear prematurely without them. Thankfully, not a lot of them require additional parts. However, some popular ones would be bolt-on edges, side cutters, heel blocks, and wing shrouds.


Not only can specific buckets only handle specific tasks, but some are made to handle types of soil. They may be too brittle to handle anything else – a good example would be gravel.

Your Machine

Not all excavators are built the same. Some are much smaller than others. Excavator attachments come in all types of styles and sizes. Make sure that the one you’re buying would fit your machine. It may be too heavy – this would not only make working it hard, but it could be a safety hazard. Your excavator’s hydraulic system could give out. If the attachment is too small/light, digging won’t be efficient either.

Quick Hitches

Quick hitches greatly affect the efficiency of your project. They let you switch between parts quickly. They also transform your excavator into a multipurpose tool. Unfortunately, the attachment you picked up may not let them be added.  In scenarios like this, you need to decide if they’re worth it or not.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to excavators, there are a plethora of tools and attachments available. You might get puzzled choosing between them. To pick the right one up, keep a budget in mind; they can be expensive if you’re not careful.

You also need to make sure that they can be used for what you want, and can handle the type of soil you’ll be working with. Of course, it should be able to work with your excavator it shouldn’t be too big or small. Having run through all of these points, what do you think?

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