6 Types of Packaging Machines


The packaging industry is a broad sector made up of several different segments. Each section uses various machines that support packaging processes across a wide range of different industries. We set out to find the most popular packaging devices that represent the widest variety of companies in the world.

There is no means for us to decide, in any order, which technologies are the most commonly used packaging machines in the world. Instead, our team wanted to find the most flexible packaging machines serving the widest range of business forms. This is in the hope of educating readers and offering a reference point for the purchase of the right packaging machine.

Below in no particular order are 6 devices used in industrial, medical, food and retail packaging use all over the world

Labelling Machines

Labelling and marking devices are used in manufacturing, retail, food and medical packaging applications. Most of the packaged goods use some form of marking or labelling. Labelling devices are used for the application of labels for ads and/or bar codes for product and batch control.

Tape Machines

Carton sealants are used in most packaging materials using corrugated boxes. Tape guns are used in smaller companies, but higher volumes need case seals for efficient wrapping. Manual and automated case sealers are used for grocery, dairy, pharmaceutical and industrial batch packaging.


Conveyors are used by many different forms of packing devices. Conveyors carry goods from one place to another. There are a number of conveyor belts used in the packaging sector. The use of energy is a crucial factor in deciding the form of conveyor.

The driven conveyor needs an electrical energy source. The non-powered transporter uses gravity to transport the product. The form and make of the conveyer belt used depends on the goods to be packed. Different package sizes and shapes demand different conveyor pulleys and conveyor belts for smooth transportation.

Filling Machines

Filling devices or bagging machine most widely used in the food manufacturing. Filling machines are used to fill liquids, grains and other items in a jar. The precision and accuracy of the filling unit lead to the efficient maintenance of a reliable product for customers.


Sealers are used in a number of flexible packing uses Many items in the manufacturing, retail, food and pharmaceutical packaging are enclosed using a heat seal method. Sealers are available in various sizes and configurations. They can be used in minor and fully automatic processes.

The heat sealer utilizes heat to fuse plastics or adhesive just to seal the container. Heat sealers are used by many different items around the world to help protect against product contamination and tampering.

Bundling/Strapping Machines

The most common use for strapping devices is the strengthening of heavy boxes during shipment and consumer sale. Polypropylene strapping is solid and easily applied to added protection. Strapping machines use heat to grind ends together for long-lasting durability.

Bundling applications are another popular use for a strapping device. Strapping can help to put together various products and stable transport products. Bundling is a perfect way to protect longer items such as timber and metal rods.

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