Advice for the bride and groom about their upcoming wedding


If you are planning a wedding right now, I’m sure that you must be feeling excited, overwhelmed, and stressed at the same time. Planning a wedding is no simple task. It can drain the life out of you if you do not engage in proper planning and organizing. There are so many tiny details to look into that you may not have enough time and energy to cover all the aspects needed before the wedding. That is why it is important to sit with your partner and list out things that you need to be focused on.

When planning a wedding most brides and grooms tend to spend most of their attention to aspects like, decorations, photography, location, food etc. that are the most integral part of the wedding. However, because you tend to focus on those parts you may miss some of the small things that are as important in the smooth running of a wedding. More often than not it is the small things that get missed out on and ultimately end up creating big wedding blunders. So here are some of the things you should check before your big day.

Sit with your partner and discuss about accommodation for friends and family who are travelling from far for the wedding. This is one aspect that gets forgotten all the time. You are so focused on the wedding location and entertaining your guests at the reception that you may forget about providing accommodation for guests who need it. First of all, you need to have a head count on the number of guests for whom you might need to provide accommodation for. To avoid last minute mishaps book now restrictions are easing for prior bookings in Mayfield. Get the dates on which they will arrive and depart, then you can arrange accommodation based on the duration of their stay. Motels are a lot inexpensive than arranging fancy hotels for your guests. Since it’s for a short stay arranging a nearby motel for your guests can be more practical and cost effective.

As the wedding gets closer there might be so many little details that need your attention. This can be overwhelming when everybody commands your attention, and you need to be in so many different places at once. Not only is this overwhelming but it also is impractical. Find your best friends and family members who can be trusted with responsibility. Get their help to organize and confirm the last-minute details. It is important that you hand them with contact sheets that contain all the contacts of people involved with the wedding. You can distribute the major tasks among those trusted friends and family and trust that they will not let you down. By disseminating the workload, you can be less stressed and more relaxed as your big day closes in.

Be realistic and practical with your budget. This point can’t be stressed enough. Know the amounts you can spend and stick to that budget. Avoid last minute impulsive expenses that will burn a hold in your pockets.

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