All About Essential Oils


We only have one life to live so make sure to take care of it. Live a healthier lifestyle by eating a well- balanced diet, getting enough rest, moving more, steering clear of smoke, taming your stress, and using essential oils, to name a few. The latter is fast becoming popular because of the benefits it can give.

If you’re thinking of incorporating essential oils to your daily routine, then you’ve made the right choice. Remember, pharmaceutical drugs have risky side effects that can harm your organs, such as liver and kidneys. So, make use of natural remedies, such as aromatherapy, as it’s one of the most effective alternative medicines today. Do you want to know more about essential oils? Read on.

What are the Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extremely concentrated plant extracts distilled into oil. They’re regularly used in Aromatherapy, which is a form of alternate remedy that uses plant extracts to support overall health and well-being. Essential oils are acquired via distillation or mechanical processes like cold pressing. They’re made from bark, flower, herb, petals, roots, and tree parts.

What is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of employing essentials oils. It has been around for many centuries now. The experts believe that when a person inhales the essential oil’s scent molecules, it activates the nose’s area called the smell receptors. It travels from the olfactory nerves straight to the brain. Also, it triggers specific areas in your brain, such as limbic system, that plays an important role in your emotions.

However, you shouldn’t use aromatherapy in replace with regular treatment, specifically if you have a serious illness. For some conditions, aromatherapy can help though, such as to improve sleep, fight bacteria, reduce specific types of pain, and so on. If you need essential oils you may want to take a look at homeopathy flower essences Australia as they’re selling them for a cheaper price compared to other online stores out there.

Popular Types of Essential Oils

There are over ninety types of essential oils and each and every essential oil has its own special smell and possible health benefits. Some of the essential oils you have to consider getting on your next shopping trip are bergamot, chamomile, jasmine, lemon, lavender, peppermint, and sandalwood. Know how each essential oil works so you’d know which one is the right for your needs.

How to Use Essential Oils Safely

Since essential oils are widely available, their quality highly differs. Also, there’s no regulations when it comes to essential oils and the brands that sell them may not put everything on the label. For that reason, don’t consume the essential oil. They’re generally safe but it can cause some side effects, such as eye irritation. In fact, some essential oils can harm your kidneys or liver. It’s unusual for people to ingest essential oils and you should never dare to do it unless your medical doctor gives you a go signal.

How to Find Quality Essential Oils

Unfortunately, it’s hard to figure out which one has the quality ingredients since it isn’t regulated properly. But you can check its authenticity by checking the label, reviewing the company, reading reviews, and comparing prices, among others.

Make essential oils become a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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