Benefits of a Side Rail/Step


Still wondering whether to add any side bars or steps to your car? Side bars or steps add a custom look to your vehicle, but they also deliver many functional benefits Read this article about all the reasons you need to update the look of your vehicle!

Easy Access to The Vehicle

The main advantage of installing side bars or steps to your vehicle is that they make it easier for you to get in and out of your car, particularly for the disabled, kids or if you’re just on the smaller side! There are side steps that have a flat surface to serve as a solid step, and some models come with non-slip step pads to aid you get comfortable in your car. Whereas side bars are round with no level surface to rest on but still act as a step into your car, we would suggest the side bars for a lighter weight.

Guards the Sides of Your Vehicle

Some people may not know that adding side bars or steps to your vehicle would secure the side of your vehicle. This is because as you’re going along, the tyres kick up gravel, rocks or just general road objects that can scrape or damage your side panels or doors. When side steps or bars are on your car, they serve as a shield to block the debris from hitting your truck, if you drive your vehicle off the road or through the country roads, side bars can be the perfect solution for you.

Streamlines You Vehicle

A less realistic excuse, but a more visually enticing justification to add in some side steps or bars, is that they maintain the appearance that your vehicle is closer to the ground, making it look more compact with a styling and sleek finish.

Give Your Vehicle A Sleek Edge

We realize that for many of you, your vehicle is your joy and pride and you’re always looking for some added upgrades to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, so installing side steps or bars could be the addition you’re looking for! Side steps come in a polished finish of 304 stainless steel, which, if properly maintained, will give your vehicle a stylish finish. You can get a Hilux side step installed in your vehicle.

We suggest that if you buy side steps or bars for a decorative reason, side bars give a more subtle yet elegant design to your vehicle. Whereas the side steps add more visual weight to your vehicle as they have a wider surface area but can still look fantastic on your vehicle as most come in polished stainless steel or black.

If you already had roof rails installed, the side steps would match very well with them if they both had the very same design! In addition, polished side steps or bars will also go well with some of our chrome hardware and make your vehicle truly mesmerize.

So, go and get you side step or bar today

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