Best Gift Ideas for Art Lovers


Since the start of the pandemic, many businesses are temporarily closed for safety purposes. If you or someone you know loves art, you’d notice that it’s almost impossible to visit art museums and galleries to enjoy beautiful art unlike before. Discovering new art is one of the favourite activities of art aficionados and having most galleries and museums closed makes it hard for them to see art in its usual setting.

Luckily, you can still bring a smile to your art-lover friend by gifting him or her an art-inspired gift. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary date, or simply a cheer up gift, these gift ideas will surely be a perfect treat for that person.

Handcrafted Decorative Pots

Taking care of house plants has become popular since the lockdown. Many people are now having plants at home as a form of relaxing hobby while they can’t go out at home. Plants are proven to have a relaxing effect plus it also makes any home look fresh and natural. If your friend has plants at home, you could surprise her by gifting a handcrafted planter where she could place her beloved plants.

Unique Art Piece

Another great gift idea for art lovers is gifting an art piece itself. There are plenty of artwork styles and artists to choose from depending on what your friend likes. For instance, if he or she loves contemporary art, search for works of Fiona Hall, James Angus, Brook Andrew the artist, and many more contemporary artists. It’s easier to find artworks these days because of many online stores that sell quality artwork and deliver them straight to your doorstep.

Stationery Set

If you’re friend loves making crafts, a beautiful stationery set is a perfect gift for him or her. Your friend will surely love using the artsy supplies, from paper, colourful sheets, writing materials, unique notepads, and many more. Your present will surely be appreciated every time your friend needs some artistic accessories for her craftwork.

Artsy Pillow Covers

For a friend who loves to relax, an artsy pillow cover is just the right gift for her. It might not be one of the usual gifts anyone could receive but it will surely be appreciated especially since it is art-inspired and functional as well. From big pillow cases for bedroom pillows to smaller throw-pillow sized ones, it will definitely make your friend’s home look unique. Gift a complete set to make it easier to mix and match with the overall décor.

Avant-Garde Accessories

If your friend is into unique fashion and loves art as well, one of the best presents you could give is a set of avant-garde accessories. It could be a pair of earrings, or a necklace and bracelet set. Picking one in her favourite colour is a good choice but you could also opt for neutral tones so it looks good on any outfit.

There are plenty of art-inspired gifts you could give to your art lover friend. Just be creative in imagining the variety of options you have.

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