Best Wedding Ideas That You Should Have in Your Wedding


Weddings are one of the most special events in one’s life. It is special not because of the event per se but rather it is special because of its value and meaning to the lives of the couple that will take the vow to be together work out differences and continue their lives together no matter what the circumstances may be.

And because weddings are very important and valuable it has to be special that means it has to be prepared for, not only financially but also the details of such must be planned. If you are still having trouble with the details of your own wedding here are some amazing and fun tips that you can incorporate to your own wedding.

Themed Photo booth

Plan for a photo booth or a series of photo booths with varying themes, this will ensure that the pictures taken in the booth is fun, creative and will not be monotonous because of the different themes. If you only plan to have one photo booth, make sure that the booth will complement the theme of the whole wedding it does not necessarily mean that it has to have the same theme, because where is the fun in that? But the idea is that the colours and theme should at least be complimentary to create more liveliness in your wedding aside from the games and other fun stuff.

Unique Wedding Reception Area

If you want to add more life to your event you can always choose to hold the reception on a unique area. It was always been a tradition that wedding receptions are held on big halls with lots of space to accommodate the guests, which is actually very practical and formal because the guests would most likely be eating during the wedding reception.

But to add a little playful ness you can hold the reception on unlikely areas, such as pool sides, near the beach, or on rooftops, what have you, just to add more fun to the whole event. If you are considering such you can search for rooftop wedding reception venue in Melbourne CBD when you are planning to have the event in the area.

Artistic Invitation and Giveaways

Go artistic with your invitation. The idea is that you will be the one to set the rules because you are the ones who will be wed on that day. So, while you are at it, make sure that the wedding invitations are as creative as it gets. And something that the guests will never forget. An example of such is when a couple gave out slippers to the guests of their wedding, the slippers are then used because the wedding reception was held at a nearby beach resort.

If all else doesn’t do the trick, then you can always ask the groomsmen and the bridesmaid to break out into a wacky dance number and this will most likely do the trick.

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