Car Detailing and Protection: Myths and Facts


The automobile care and detailing industry have many ins and outs. This is because different people have various view and methods on how to do things and what the best choices are.

Another reason is that car manufacturing technologies have evolved when compared to the 1900s but unfortunately myths around car protection and detailing methods still remain the same.

Below are some of the most common myths, some might even surprise you because they might have made sense before but sound quite absurd in modern times.

Myth 1: It is possible to over wax your car

There isn’t anything call over waxing your car. This is the plain truth. A good quality wax will protect your car and also give life to your paint. So as long as your steer clear from chemical cleaners, scouring agents, and abrasives then waxing at regular intervals can only do your good.

However, with improvement in technology protecting your car using wax is also quite outdated. Nowadays it’s also about ceramic coating and PPFs. You can click to see more here.

However, combining a wax with a PPF is the best way to go.

Myth 2: Too much waxing can lead to wax build up

This is again linked to the previous myth. If you notice a wax build up in your car then you’re doing it all wrong. Proper waxing techniques won’t allow for wax build up.

Myth 3: New cars don’t need waxing

A new car is exactly what NEEDS waxing. The new coat on your vehicles paint is an un-pigmented layer applied at the factory. This coat protects your paint, but the exterior is still exposed. Waxing your new car is a must if you want to maintain the new look for as long as possible.

Myth 4: I should only wax my car once a year

I don’t think I’ve heard such a false statement before. Waxing your car protects it from various damages and during high temperatures this wax can wear off. Waxing your car also makes it easier to wash your car and also increases your resale value.

So, a good rule of thumb is to wax your car at least every three months.

Myth 5: I already applied a paint protection coating, so I don’t need to wax my car.

Even if you had a protection coating applied, you still need to wax your car. Like I mentioned before combining a wax with other protection technologies is the best.

Wax alone can’t protect your car anymore.

Sometimes PPF’s don’t cover the entire car so waxing those exposed spots is important.

Myth 6: Carnauba Wax is the Best

What is “best” depends on the individual. Like I mentioned before people have various views as to what the best products are. If carnauba wax gave them a bad experience, then it won’t be considered the best.

Different products have different benefits and drawbacks. So, what is best depends on the car owner.

Carnauba wax definitely wins when it comes to reducing and masking imperfections while synthetic wax wins in terms of durability.

Most of the common myths around car detailing nowadays is false because they aren’t relevant anymore. There are more myths but these are the most common ones I’ve heard.

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