Different Types of Refrigerated Vans


If you are in the supply chain business, then one of the main variables among logistics is to keep chilled goods cold. Supply chain companies will fit trucks, cars, cargo ships and vans with insulators to keep the heat out and the cold in when moving items over long distances. It is possible to fit any type of vehicle with insulator material but there are also dedicated vans to handle this type of delivery.

Below are the main different types of refrigerated vans.

Insulation Vans

By definition a refrigerated van is not only made to keep the heat out and the cold in, but it is also meant to keep the items cold by actively maintain the temperature through refrigeration.

An insulated van can fulfill the first criteria, but it can’t maintain the temperature like a refrigerator because it lacks a cooling system. However, insulation vans still fall under refrigerator vans because they can keep the cold for a certain amount of time.

They are ideal to transport items that are non-perishable to long lived cool items. They usually consist of a 50-millimetre polystyrene or Styrofoam layer that insulates and prevent the formation of a thermal bridge.  All the heat is cut off and the air entry points are also sealed off when the cargo is shut tight.

Chiller Conversion Van

This type of van is an insulated van but with a refrigeration system installed. This means that not only can it keep the heat out and the cool in, but it can also maintain the cold for an extended period of time. More cold air can be bought in it to keep the cold.

A chiller conversion van allows logistics companies to move perishable goods that do not require sub zero storage temperatures. Some examples that use chiller conversion vans are florists or companies that ship non-frozen beverages or foods. If you are in search for good condition chiller or refrigerated vans Melbourne has some good picks on offer if you live in the city.

Semi Freezer Van

This type of van is a more advanced version of an insulation van with a refrigeration component. While an insulated van has around 50 millimetre of insulation a semi freezer van typically has around 75 millimetres of polystyrene or Styrofoam insulation. The refrigeration capacity is also higher when compared to chiller vans.

Semi-freezer vans are ideal to transport goods that require below freezing temperature. They also have a quick defrost feature so the need for a defrost heater is removed.

Full Freezer Van

This type of refrigeration van is true to the name and allows for the best freezing. They are similar to semi-freezer van but with added features. They have thicker insulation, heat resistant sidewalls and doors. This keeps the extra heat out due to conduction of the sunlight on the metal exterior.

These are main type of refrigerator vans being used in the logistics industry. Different situations will require a different type of vehicle and the type of vehicle will depend on the type of goods you transport.

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