Home Office Decoration Ideas to Increase Your Productivity


Having our work space personalised and a well-organised is always a good way to improve the positive mind-set while working. This is why it is very important to put a lot of thought into home office decorations. The way you design your home office will definitely play a part in your productivity. This is because the appearance of the workspace will either make or break your mood. Here are some decoration tips that will help you to turn your home office into the most productive place.

Create Storage Space

Having enough storage to store your documents, files and other stationaries is an essential element. If you do not have enough storage space, your belongings will be scattered everywhere or you will have them piling on top of your work table. So, if the drawers on your table are not enough, then install some shelves for this task. You can also get storage baskets to add a more aesthetic look. For a better organisation, you can colour coordinate or label your storage spaces to make it easier for retrieve items later.

Curtains and Rugs

Add a personalised touch with a set of beautiful curtains and a rug. Curtains will help you to control and filter the natural light. While natural light is essential to make any room feel spacey and not suffocating, whenever the sun gets in your way, you can use the curtains to block it. If are also okay with making the home office a little more homely and cosy, try adding an area rug. But if you want the office to look more formal, of course you can exclude the rug.

Minimalist Table-top

Make sure your table-top only has the most essential items on it. Your computer/ laptop, the files you are working on right now, a desk organiser are the most essential items. You can add an ornament or two of your choice like a crystal, a decorative paperweight or a vase of flowers. Having all of your files and books strewn across the table will be both messy and distracting. The lesser the items are on the table the more you will be able to concentrate and feel relaxed.

Right Table and Chair

When you are choosing the furniture for your office, remember that the table and the chair are the most important ones. Getting the ones with the right measurements is important for your health. If you are getting a table that is too high for you, working on it means you have to extend your hands and sit at a very uncomfortable position.

A desk that is too low for you means having to hover over it and risking a neck pain. Similar choose a chair that matches the height of the table, and a one that is comfortable to sit on without giving you a back ache.

Art and D├ęcor

Add a personal touch to your office by adding a beautiful art work on your walls or adding some beautiful ornaments or frame images to your shelves. You can try your local gallery for a good painting or checkout Lindsay Blamey photography for a beautiful photo to decorate your space. If you have any ornaments you have collected, photos of your family etc., it is time to get them out of closets and boxes. Instead add them on display on your shelves to make the space looks like it really belongs to you.

Well planned decoration will create the most beautiful and productive space for you to work it. Try the above ideas and your workspace will be more relaxing than stressful.

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