How Do You Make a Motorcycle Move Faster?


Looking to make your motorcycle faster? Keep reading to learn how to make your vehicle move like a dream.

Lighter Parts

Swap your bike’s parts out. They could be very heavy. Such a thing would be especially true if you’ve added parts that aren’t the default ones. Their weight would be making it harder for the bike to move at its max.

Motorcycle parts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. By running through VINs, you’ll be able to find ones that match your unit but are also light.


The tires you have may be old. They are rugged so they are hit with too much friction, making it harder for your motorcycle to glide. Think about getting brand new tires. Some have more edges for gripping the road than others. These are usually the ones that have to be used for icy roads.

Hit the Gym

You might not realize this, but how to fit your body is would influence how fast the vehicle can go. Motorcycles are beastly. Swapping parts out for lighter ones would make them not as heavy but they would still weigh a lot. If you’re not physically fit, manoeuvring them to get the full effect can be hard.

It can also be tiring to ride a motorcycle. By being physically fit, you wouldn’t get tired easily.

Suspension Links

With expert manoeuvring, you’d be able to drive your motorcycle at its fastest. This not only can be done with a physically fit body, but you might have to swap your lowering links too. They may not be in the best condition – rides are especially bumpy as a result.

Get good quality links, though. Some may not dampen shocks as well as you’d like. Something like a Yama link lowering link is known to be high quality.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system on your unit may not be the most efficient. All vehicles combust fuel to produce energy. Oxygen is mixed to produce heat and carbon dioxide. The exhaust system expels the gas produced. With a very quality system, the amount of gas expelled would be more efficient.

Moreover, a lot of exhausts can be heavy. The new one you purchased may provide more efficient expelling and be feather-like as well.


This won’t work on all motorcycles. However, quite a few can use premium fuel. They would provide a better kick when combusted. A lot of race-bikes use them. You can pump the diesel from regular gas stations.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, a lot can be done to make your motorcycle work faster. When it comes to the things you could do, one of the best would be swapping the parts on your unit. They may be quite heavy, not letting your bike move at its best. Exhaust systems can be very heavy. The one you have could be heavy but also not very efficient. A better alternative would expel gas out better to make your bike move faster.

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