How to handle a minor roadside accident


No matter how careful you drive, sometimes certain accidents that happen on the road cannot be predicted at all. This is why we give them the definition of accident because, not only are they unpredicted they are also not pre-meditated or anticipated. Therefore, no matter how skilled we are in our driving, sometimes we occasionally meet with minor roadside accidents. These accidents can be caused by collision with another vehicle, property, or person. It can sometimes be your fault or the fault of the other party, however, in the face of such an accident there is no point pondering over, whose fault it is, it’s better to know how to handle such a situation so that you can mitigate the damage and get through the situation with wisdom and understanding.

First of all, it is important that you do not panic. Panic and anxiety can only make the situation worse and a mind clouded with anxiety can never take proper decisions. So, remain clam in the face of it and try and park the vehicle by the side of the road where it will not be hindering traffic. Once you have parked it further away from traffic make sure to get off from the passenger’s side, to make sure you don’t get hit by oncoming traffic.

Next make sure, that you have not incurred any injuries. You need to be calm in order to do this. You will not be able to check for any injuries sustained if you are panicked. Most often in an accident, the people who have been physically hurt don’t even realize their injuries at first instance due to sudden shock. So once, you have ensured that you or your passengers, if any are travelling with you have not sustained any injuries you can then slowly move onto inspect the vehicle.

Inspect the damages caused to the vehicle and take photos if necessary, as you might need them for insurance purposes. Next you need to contact a towing company to tow your vehicle. Most Gisborne towing companies are open 24/7 and have the ability of offering services in many locations. Therefore, ensure that you contact a towing company who can be easily accessible and offer good professional services in a timely manner.

While you wait for the towing company to arrive you may want to keep the hazard lights on to denote the traffic that your vehicle can’t be moved. You might have to contact a friend or a loved one and inform of your situation and see if anyone can come and pick you up. So, it’s important that you send your location to a few of your friends and inform of the situation, so that in case your phone battery runs out while you are waiting you can be assured that your pickup ride knows exactly where you are located. If the accident is caused due to collision with another vehicle, you should write down the plate number and the driver information of the other driver for insurance purposes. Having all information ready helps make insurance claims easier and faster.

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