Indian Wedding Accessories


Indian weddings are usually known to be extravagant and lively.  All of the events are filled with happy and vibrant moments that are worth remembering. Along with their family members and relatives, the bride and groom are dressed elegantly to celebrate the special events. The Indian brides specifically are known to wear such beautiful jewellery items that leave people staring in awe. Here are some of the commonly worn wedding accessories by Indian brides.

#1 Choker Necklaces:

Choker necklaces are one of the essential jewellery items in an Indian bridal outfit. Most Indian choker necklaces are heavily decorated, and they cover most of the bride’s neck and collarbone. They are tons of precious jewels, and gemstones fit perfectly onto the choker necklaces. These necklaces help them showcase their true culture and traditional preferences that have been passed down for years. 

#2 Heavy Nath:

A fancy decorated Nath is an essential jewellery item that completes the perfect Indian bridal look. These Naths are just large-sized nose rings that are decorated with gems and beads.  Some of the Naths even have a string connected to either the earring or the hairpiece. This helps the bride handle the Nath without having to hurt her nose from the weight.

#3 Fancy Payal:

Payal is considered one of the most delicate jewellery items of an Indian bridal look. Payals are delicate anklets with beautiful gems and jewels decorated all around them. There are different types of payal, but the ones worn by Indian brides are mostly delicate and super elegant. This helps their feet, and their ankles appear slimmer and feminine.

#4 Decorated Bangles:

No traditional Indian wedding look is complete without the much loved decorated bangles. Not just the simple, ordinary bangles, but specifically the bright, shiny, and decorated ones. Most Indian brides opt for the bangles that match the color of their bridal outfit. The bangles are the perfect touch of tradition to their up-to-date bridal dresses. But if the dresses are too heavy, brides go for thinner and more delicate bangles.

#5 Traditional Jhumkay:

Desi women, specifically Indian brides, are madly in love with Jhumkay. Most women opt for Jhumkay when choosing the perfect wedding accessories. They go perfectly with almost any wedding outfit, even with outfits for other events such as the Mehndi, Sangeet, and Sagai. There are various types of Jhumkay for the brides to choose from, from shoulder-grazing Jhumkay to the small dangling ones; they can choose whatever they like.

#6 Matha Patti/Maang Teeka:

Indian brides usually wear Matha Pattis on events like the Sangeet and Mehndi, but some choose to wear the delicate-looking ones on their wedding day. Maatha Pattis are decorated with high-quality gemstones and decorative pieces. If not a Matha Patti, Indian brides opt for Maang Teekay, which is similar to Matha Pattis but just without the strings on both sides attached to the bride’s hair. View Jewellery by Alirah’s Range to see what’s new and trending.

We hope that this guide helped you understand all about the kind of jewellery worn by Indian brides. If any of these looks inspire you, then wait no more time, try them on and choose the best one for yourself.


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