Keep Your Underwear Looking New with These Tips


Looking and feeling confident is not only based on your outfit; your underwear also plays a huge role in the way you move around as you go through your day. If they don’t fit or feel that good while you wear them, most like your actions won’t be that free and confident as well. It is important to choose the right underwear and follow proper care instructions to make them last long and keep in good condition.

Typically, underwear should be replaced at least once a year. You could do it more frequently depending on how fast your underwear wears out. Most likely, if you’re using it for strenuous activities then it would wear out faster than the usual. Make your underwear look new for a long time with these simple tips.

Wash Carefully and Properly

Always keep in mind that when washing your underwear, always use cold water. Never use hot water since it makes the stains set more and also wears down the fabrics. Hand-washing is a good way to clean underwear because you can control how gentle you should go with it. However, you may also use a washing machine. Just remember to use delicate cycle and wash underwear separately from other garments. Don’t forget to turn them inside out to reduce damage done by the washer on the fabric.

Aside from that, you can use colour-safe bleach to deal with odour causing bacteria in the fabric. This is important especially for underwear that is worn while working out or during strenuous activities.

Categorize Them

Setting categories based on how your underwear is used is helpful in maintaining their optimum appearance. If you’re working out or just doing strenuous activities that will leave you sweating a lot, you should have a separate category of underwear that will only be used for these situations such as a few men boxer shorts. Underwear that is exposed a lot to heavy usage wear out faster than those you use regularly. At least you’ll only need to replace a few pieces once they get worn out.

Air Dry Them

After careful washing, the best way to dry underwear is to air-dry them. It keeps the fabrics at their good shape, making your underwear stay durable and last long. High temperatures can damage the fabrics by breaking down its elasticity. Simply hang them out to air dry. If you love that fresh from the dryer feel, you can throw them in just for a few minutes and remove promptly.

Remove Pilling

Since underwear is not that cheap at all, they need to be maintained well to get the most of your money. Once you notice pilling or fuzz balls on older underwear, simply shave it gently to reduce them. Don’t forget to cut off loose threads on the seams to prevent it from running and damaging the garment.

With these simple tips, you can be sure that your underwear will last longer and look fresh just like when it was first bought.

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