Pros and Cons of Ceramic Coating


If you own a vehicle, chances are you have already heard of ceramic coating. Ceramic is a chemical polymer solution applied to a car’s exterior to prevent the car’s paint from any damage. This chemical blends with the car’s paint to create another layer of protection. With the chemical bonding and creating a new film of protection, the car’s paint job remains protected.

The ceramic coating would keep the car’s exterior from chips, scratches and fading. This will also protect the car from natural and chemical contaminants and would not generally affect the original paint. But of course, there are other pros and cons to ceramic coating.


  1. Easier to clean – Since there is another layer of protection, dust and other contaminants would have a “hard” time sticking to the car’s surface. When a layer of dust appears on the car, a good wipe down would be enough to restore it to its sheen finish.
  • Lasts a lifetime – Ceramic coating lasts a lifetime and once applied could only be moved by abrasion and not by any other chemicals. Even if you think waxing is enough, you still need to apply it every time the paint loses its shine.

It’s just a temporary fix and the sheen provided the wax would eventually wear off and then you have to reapply it. But if you seriously considered looking for a ceramic car coating make sure though that it is done professionally so it could last longer.

  • Best protective sealant – This coating is the best protective sealant because it is resistant to impact, heat, abrasion and chemicals. The ceramic coating is not only applied in the car’s exterior to protect its paint. It is also used on the car’s wheel hubs, engine bay and other parts as a spray coat.


  1. Pricey – Ceramic coating is obviously pricier than wax. But you have to consider that spending money on ceramic coating is only one time unlike with wax, you have to keep on buying it and applying it every time the paint becomes dull or when contaminants start building up.
  • Takes time to apply – One of the cons of ceramic coating is that it takes time to apply. You have to leave your car to the shop for at least three days. This could be a hassle or a headache especially if you are using your car on a daily basis. You also need to consider that ceramic coating must be professionally applied because otherwise it would look worse than the original paint job of your car. For some vehicles, longer prep work is needed compared to others.

There has been constant hype and buzz about ceramic coating but you still need to do your research since there are numerous bogus and counterfeit claims about everything that you could see and or read in the internet. Nevertheless, investing in ceramic coating for your vehicle is still endorsed because you could never go wrong with another layer of protection.

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