Pros and cons of sending your kid to a boarding school


As parents we think so much about our children’s education. As a result of it, we tend to think so much when we decide to pick a school for them. There is a commonly accepted belief that boarding schools are actually better for children. Here are some of the pros and cons of boarding schools that will help you make up your mind. One of the greatest advantages is that most boarding schools follow a customized and unique syllabus that focuses on a great quality of education. Many boarding schools take pride in the standards and quality maintained by them when it comes to education.

Secondly, another advantage your kid can benefit from the school is the sense of community. Many boarding schools Brisbane has, proudly states that they have a great diversity of students from many races, religions, and cultures. However, all these students get to mingle together and stay like one big family. Your child will definitely have a sense of community in this school. Also they will get to learn about new cultures and religions that will actually broaden their perspectives and also knowledge.

They will also be able to make friends for life, because since they live in hostel facilities, they feel that the school is their one big home where they are all brothers and sisters of one family. So, since they basically grow up together every day they may find friends and build friendships that are rock solid and these kind of friendships normally last a lifetime. It will be a great asset to your kid, if they can find friends whom they can trust and share their life with. As adults we know how difficult it is to find a friend who is genuine and loyal.

With all these advantages it is also important to note some disadvantages of boarding schools. One such disadvantage is the high school fees. Boarding schools cost way more than normal schools as you have to pay fees for various different things like education, extra classes, accommodation, food, sports, and many other things. So if you do not have a big budget to spend on your kid’s education you might have to be careful when choosing a boarding school. You wouldn’t want your kid to drop out of school in the middle of their school life just because you can’t afford it anymore.

Another disadvantage is that your kid will be far away from home. This can be so hard for parents especially if you have only one kid or two. You need to be able to come home from work to a house where your kids are expecting you with laughter and enthusiasm. You wouldn’t want to come home to a home that is empty because your kids are no longer at home. So if you are quite attached to your kids this can be a really difficult option as you will begin to miss them all the time. And also they will miss you and miss being at their own homes as well.

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