The Advantages of Labelling Everything in Your Pantry


Labelling everything in your pantry is not just because you are being OC or you have lots of free time or just because. There are numerous advantages as to why you must label everything. Read below to find out why you need to start putting on labels in your pantry ASAP.

Other people might not be able to differentiate penne from rigatoni

Imagine this, you are elbow deep in cooking oil and sauces when you notice that you haven’t taken the pasta from the pantry yet. You ask your partner or whoever it is that is helping you to take the container for penne pasta when they come back bringing you rigatoni. Of course, they are the perfect substitute, but you can tell that the pasta is not what you wanted to use, or not what the recipe calls for. This situation could have been avoided if you have ordered custom labels online and label your penne and rigatoni pasta.

Best before dates

When you transfer your food to containers you would not be able to know the best before dates because obviously, you have discarded the packaging where this date is imprinted. When you have labels on your canisters, especially those that you could wipe and reuse, you could also write down the best before dates. This way, you would be able to know which of the ingredients in your pantry you need to use before they expire so you could avoid any wastes.

For inventory

When your food storage does not have any labels in them and they run out, you would not know what was originally in them and therefore, you could not replenish. You’d only remember what was in there when you already needed to use them and by that time, it might already be too late for you to run to the store to buy it.

Labelling your pantry is important for inventory because you could easily know which of your supplies is dwindling. Just opening your pantry door and examining the containers would already tell you what you need to include in your grocery list. With labels, you would also not buy food items that you still have. You lessen the risk of food expiring on you without having used them beforehand.

For aesthetic purposes

If you want to label your pantry just because they would make it look pretty and visually appealing, there is nothing wrong with that too. Other homeowners who have started labelling their pantries could also attest to having been constantly motivated and inspired to always organize and clean their pantries for it to always look picture ready. This is understandable and relatable. Besides, no matter what you do in your pantry is your business and if labelling things would make you clean and organize your pantry more, then its purpose have been served.

When you label your pantry, know beforehand how you could properly label the various containers you have because what works in glass would perhaps not work in baskets or wicker. By doing this, you would be sure that every label would stick to wherever you want them to attach.

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