The Importance of Commercial Cleaning and Sanitization These Days

With the pandemic these past year, commercial cleaning and sanitization have become an essential part of every business and workplace. It is important to hire commercial cleaning and sanitization services to keep your employees, clients and customers safe from coronavirus. A well-sanitized establishment makes a better impression and draws in more customers these days.

If you’re running a business, here’s everything you need to know about commercial cleaning and sanitization plus its importance nowadays.

What is Commercial Cleaning and Sanitization?

Commercial cleaning and sanitization are when a professional cleaning crew comes into your establishment and deeply cleans it. First, they will perform a thorough cleaning procedure to remove all the dirt on all surfaces such as dust, grease, stains, and other stubborn dirt. Once they have cleaned everything, the next thing they will do is to sanitize the area.

Sanitization is the process of using chemicals to kill microorganisms present on all the surfaces in your establishment. This step is important these days with the threat of coronavirus. It is important to sanitize your establishment regularly to keep this virus away. If you’re looking for a good commercial cleaning and sanitization company, check out One Stop sanitisation and antiviral disinfection service.

What is Electrostatic Spraying?

One of the best ways to sanitize an establishment is through electrostatic spraying. This method is the most efficient in covering all the surfaces evenly, whether it is the doorknobs, elevator buttons, counters, and even on the small gaps in between items.

A disinfecting chemical will be sprayed around to sanitize all surfaces, killing all germs and viruses plus making it harder for them to attach one these surfaces. The disinfectant used in electrostatic spraying require only a short dwell time, which means that the surfaces don’t need to stay wet for a long time for the chemicals to take effect. This allows the cleaning staff to cover more area in a shorter span of time.

Encourage Proactivity in Hygiene

Aside from cleaning and sanitizing the building regularly, encouraging your employees to be more proactive in maintaining hygiene around the workplace is also an important part in warding off coronavirus. Encourage them to wash their hands frequently and place sanitizing stations around the area. Aside from that, you should also encourage them to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in their work area. You can do this by distributing disinfecting wipes that they could use to wipe commonly touched things before using them.

The toilet is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that’s why it should be cleaned more frequently than the rest of the establishment. It is important that you have a cleaning crew that is assigned to clean the bathroom frequently. Hospital-grade cleaning products and disinfectants should also be used especially in this time of pandemic. Go for products that are efficient in killing microorganisms yet is gentle to the health and the environment.

To Keep your establishment COVID free, hire a good commercial cleaning and sanitization company to maintain cleanliness in the area.

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