The Pros and Cons of Online Calculators


Whenever we need to do a sum, we are used to getting it done on our phone’s calculator. When that is not possible, we simply turn to our computers or online calculator sites. However, like most things in digital age, online calculators too have their ups and downs. Check out below to see what are the pros and cons of using online calculators.

Makes Your Sums Less Complicated

The calculator is the perfect tool to turn to when there is a complicated sum that you need to solve. Especially if you are not sure of the answer you get when you do the sum yourself. Using a tool helps you to make it less complicated and you will get your answer soon too.

However, this method cannot always be adapted to every situation. For example, this will be the recommended method if you are calculating quick currency conversion or working on a GST calculator. But in academia, this might stop you from understanding the problem and make you too dependent on it.

Time Saving

Nothing better than an online calculation to save time. If you are in a hurry and need an answer to a math problem, an online calculator can come in handy. Especially if you are on the way or busy doing something else but need a quick calculation done.

All you have to do is enter the right values and the answer will be there for you in less than a minute. But, at the same time, when we get used to this method, it can be disadvantageous as well. Too much dependency on a device can make us slow if we have to do the same sum by ourselves.


An online calculator is something that can be accessed by everyone. Anyone who needs an answer to a math problem can quickly access one of the millions of online calculators out there and get the answer. Whether it is converting values for a quick homemade recipe, converting currency for a transaction or solving a sum for homework, this applies to all these.

But once again this can be problematic in classrooms. For example, if there are no policies regarding the use of calculators within the classroom, or if the students turn to cheat in examinations using these tools, this can give more advantage to those who use the tool over those who do not use it.


One of the biggest benefits that an online calculator has over a traditional calculator is that it always gives timelyanswers. Especially when it comes to foreign currency rates or tax rates, the calculator is always up to date. But an online calculator is a tool that simply gives you the answer in a blink of an eye and most of the time we do not even see which mathematical operation is applied.

Therefore, for those who are still learning operations and conversions in mathematics, an online calculator can be harmful more than a traditional calculator or doing sums manually. But for adults who need a quick accurate answer, this is perfect.

An online calculator becomes either bad or good on how you use it. For someone still learning math, this can pose a risk and stand in the way of understanding and cognition of mathematical operations. But for someone who is busy with life and needs a quick solution to settling their finances, this is the best tool to turn to.

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