This Is What Makes Art In 2021 Exciting


Just because we are entering into the dawn of a new age doesn’t mean that our art expression will be left behind. Everyday newer and newer expressions of art are innovated by artists all around the world, and some of these artists are even yet to be discovered. Many talents arise from the shadows waiting to be put on the spot to be both appreciated and criticize for their unique expressions and amazing skill and talents in their own field.

In fact, more and more disciplines in art are being put to the limelight almost each day and more galleries and exhibitions are welcoming avant-garde art works to showcase a new perspective in the area or art. So, without further ado here are some of the areas in the art scene that makes the year 2021 very exciting.


The area of animation has seen some great leaps since its first appearance on our screens. Animation studios has been around for some time but it has only been several years that they have finally placed their foundations in the entertainment and art industry as one of the most successful and most profitable aspects of entertainment.

People has also found a new profound appreciation in this area. With the series of movies coming out each year in the animated genre, this brings people to a whole new era of superb animation productions. Because of the immense success new studios are now on the rise to compete which brings outcomes to a finer and higher quality for each project.

Resin Medium

This new medium that caught the art world by storm has reinvigorated the sense of artistry that has been dormant in many artists. With this relatively new medium and material, visual artists has now found a new area to discover and experiment on.

Although it is reportedly found to slightly cost more than regular acrylic paint it is still worth the money because real art cannot be placed a monetary value on. Resin has been found to be a very flexible material where it can be used on many surfaces and different projects. One can choose and order resin at for more varied types for their different needs.

3D printing

This new trend in printing has seen a new wave of support because of its almost infinite promises and possibility for its uses. And since it is a new method, many people are still not sure on how it operates but innovators and creative minds has already set their minds on the utility of the method on their own fields.

Many people use it as a means to mass produce items which then can be sold at a price, some want it for it uses in engineering and architecture. Some even go as far as inventing specific ink for what they want to achieve with their 3D printers. With this method one can design and print artworks, this makes it very interesting.

All in all, art isn’t dead yet, it is still alive waiting to be discovered and appreciated by those who want to see it.

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