Types of Insurance Policies and Why You Need Them


Insurance is one of the good investments you could have. When life throws you the unexpected, you’ll have your insurance to cover you and even your family from unexpected costs. Although almost everyone knows that having insurance is necessary, not all people know which type to invest in. There are actually several kinds of insurance policies depending on what you need. Here are the most common ones and the reasons why you need them.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the basic insurance policies one must have. Everyone can apply for this kind of policy. This insurance works by covering unexpected and expected expenses in healthcare. You can use it for routine visits, emergency stays and even serious illnesses or surgeries.

If a person doesn’t have many finances to cover all the healthcare costs, it could bring him to serious debt quickly. A health insurance policy can cover all or even just a portion of the medical costs, making it less stressful for the insured. Many insurance companies such as Strata Insurance offer health insurance as well as other types of policies depending on what a client need.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a good investment for those who have family or dependents. Death is expensive; from the preparation of the funeral to settling everything, it can cost the bereaved family a lot. All these expenses can add more to the stress experienced by the family. A life insurance policy is what you need to make this process lighter for your family and dependents.

This insurance pays the beneficiary a set amount to cover all the expenses that was left by the person who died. It can be used to pay unsettled debts or even cover the funeral and burial expenses if needed. This helps greatly in making the financial burden lighter for the spouse and the family of the deceased.

Car Insurance

If you have a car, one of the insurance policies that you definitely need is car insurance. It is a big no-no to drive without any insurance at all. Road accidents can happen anytime without warning and if you find yourself in this unfortunate event, it would be a big help if your vehicle is insured too. Car insurance covers the costs that could add up due to the damages done to the vehicle, whether it is an accident or caused by recklessness.

Home Insurance

A house is one of the biggest investments you could have next to cars. Aside from ensuring your vehicle, it is important to insure your home as well. Home insurance helps keep your property’s value high plus it also covers the expenses that you need to rebuild a new home just in case it is destroyed by fire or any other major damage.

When you know the different types of insurance policies, it would be easier for you to determine which ones you need to apply with. That way, you won’t be so much stressed when you’re facing those hard times in your life.

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