Why Macrame Is All the Rage Now


Macrame or knotting on layman’s term is a craft that has resurfaced. You might think this is a contemporary craft but this has actually been around since the 19th century. And now, a lot of crafters have seen the unique beauty of this craft, how easy it is to do and the exquisite pieces it produces after.

Macrame can be used to make decorations, jewelleries, accessories, hammocks, and of course, for hanging planters. With macrame, the materials also come easy and you might have one or two in a forgotten box in the attic. You could use yarn or cotton rope or twine. You could also embellish and add wooden or glass beads or dye the threads to make it more unique. With its many uses, there are other reasons why macrame is all the rage now with crafters.

Macrame is a form of stress reliever

Tying knots is a form of stress reliever because it is a mindful hobby. There are even those who reported a little relieve from chronic migraines because of macrame. This hobby could even be done by beginners and it could be done anywhere. You could do it at home or while sitting on a bench in a park or while your feet are buried in sand. The repetitive action of tying the string could help quiet down all the racing thoughts in your head and make you forget all your stressors.

Macrame makes you more creative

This hobby is not just for the creative because there are tutorials that anyone could follow. Starting from simple projects, even the less artistic could produce impeccable products. Following videos and other kinds of tutorials could help anyone turn recycled luxe colour strings into coasters, wall art, accessories, etc. Once you start this craft, you might even unlock an artistic potential that you had all along. You just need to find an avenue or a medium, and macrame might just be that.

Macrame might even help you make new friends

Similar to any hobbies, there is a network of hobbyists and crafters that all enjoy macrame. You would benefit a lot from getting to know them since they could provide you with tips and tricks on how you could enjoy this craft more.

They could tell you where to find the most affordable supplies, what else you could do with the craft. If you have no idea on how to connect with same minded crafters, you could join forums and online groups. You could attend workshops and training.

You could even ask the store where you buy your supplies and ask them to introduce you to some regular customers who also purchase the same supplies as you. You might be surprised that finding fellow crafters is actually easy.

Learning macrame would not only help you make new friends, be more creative or relieve stress. You could even make a profit out of it. Find your niche. It could be making jewellery out of macrame or home décor, then soon you could start selling your products and making extra income from them.

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