Advantages of Scrapbooking as a Hobby


Scrapbooking is a very interesting hobby that will let you collate your memories into beautifully created pages. Scrapbooking is very easy to practice as it only needs a notepad, some coloured paper, coloured pens, stickers and other basic stationery and hence will not cost you much either. Here are some advantages of scrapbooking for you.

Scrapbooking is a very relaxing activity

Anyone who has tried it can tell for sure. To do scrapbooking you need to sit at a table, arrange the materials you want to use around you, and start creating. This simple feeling of focusing all your attention on a single task, in addition to being incredibly satisfying, is super relaxing. In scrapbooking you can take things with all the calm in the world; choose what colours of papers you like best together, what decoration to put in each point of your project, take a moment to stamp a little detail to emboss.

This helps you to disconnect from the worries of day to day and relax the mind. On a day you feel stressed, choose a photo that brings you good memories. Paste and decorate it on your peter pauper press notebooks. Not only will you have a precious ornament that you can give or use to decorate your home, but it will help you to disconnect for a little while from the stresses of the day.

It is ideal to stimulate your imagination

All beginners in a craft tend to look for tutorials, videos, ideas or projects that inspire them to be able to copy them and create a beautiful project with their photos. However, if you can’t find anything that convinces you, it is best to follow your instincts. In the scrap you can use whatever you want to decorate your projects. Have you gone out for a walk and found some very nice leaves? 

Press them between the pages of a book and use them to decorate your photos with a nature theme. Do you like movies a lot? Decorate your projects with movie tickets or magazine clippings. You also don’t have to follow the established rules for scrap tools or accessories; if you think something would look good, give it a try. Even if the final result does not convince you at all, you can always cover the little mess you have made with an ornament of buttons, flowers, braids etc.

When you give something handmade, everyone will want one of your gifts

We live in an incredibly materialistic and consumerist society. Everyone already has practically everything they need at their disposal, so making a gift or a small detail is increasingly difficult. However, when you give something handmade by yourself, people appreciate it much more. They are aware of the time and effort it takes to make something by hand, which means that the person you give a nice scrap project to will appreciate much more the effort you have put into creating something just for them.

Find out about some of his hobbies, take a photo of him (nowadays with Facebook or Instagram, this is very easy), and create a beautiful personalized layout and give it to them framed. Success assured! Everyone will want one for their birthdays too.

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