Creative ways to spend time alone with yourself


Many of us lead lives that are so busy that most during the day we are surrounded by so many people. We spend the day trying to cater to the needs of many people. These people can be your work colleagues, bosses or even your family members and friends. The point is that ultimately we spend so many hours focusing on other people and very little time focusing on ourselves. It is very important that you learn to spend time with yourself and give yourself that space you need to be refreshed and re-energized.

One of the best ways to spend time with yourself is to get back to nature. We are from nature and we are all so interconnected with nature. However with our busy lives we end up working with more machines that we forget what it is to be found in nature and enjoy it in all its glory.  One of the ways you can do this is by taking a hobby like horse-back riding,. Make sure that your horse is comfortable, so ensure that you provide it with bell boots for a smooth and effective ride or walk, along the woods on your beautiful horse.

Another way you can spend time with yourselves every day, is by starting to journal. Those days, journaling was a common hobby among many. But as our lives got busier we left journaling behind. But this is making a huge comeback among this generation. Take some time in the morning or evening everyday to write down your thoughts and feelings as well. This is one of the most therapeutic activities you can do during the day as you will feel so light and comforted after you pour out your thoughts into a journal.

Another beautiful activity that you can do by yourself is cooking. What better way to spend time with yourself than turn up the volume on the radio, slip onto your most comfortable pajamas and start cooking your favourite meal while sipping a glass of wine. Did I just describe your ideal ME-time activity? Then this is definitely for you, and do not postpone this, so clear out your schedule for this Friday or Saturday night and prepare to have a date with yourself and enjoy every bit of it. You can also look up new recipes on the internet to make the evening even more great and interesting.

Music also has a way of speaking into the soul of people. If you are looking for way to spend some time with yourself, then one of the best ways to do it is order a pizza, open up a couple of beers and start listening to your favourite playlist. Music has a way of transporting you through time and cultures. You will feel so rejuvenated and refreshed as you sit and do nothing but listen to your favourite songs. You can also start journaling at the same time so that you can write down what you feel when you listen to these songs. These are some of the most creative ways you can spend time with yourself.

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