Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Friend


Hanging out with a friend is always fun and to make it even more interesting there are many activities you can do together.

Binge a tv show together

You can call your friend over and binge watch a tv series or go on a movie marathon. You can both discuss and choose a genre you like and pick a tv show from it. There are many sites from which you can watch tv series, or if you have already a paid subscription in any platform you can easily log in and watch from there.

You can pick a new tv series and watch it together or watch the ones you have already watched. To make the evening even more interesting bring in food. Order your favourite food this may be pizza or burger or anything that you like. Or you can prepare something by yourself like cookies or brownies or popcorn. Once you have everything prepared just enjoy the show.

Go for a makeover

Dress up and try different styles. Go for shopping and get new clothes and get matching accessories. You can then dress up and visit places or enjoy strolling in the streets. You can also try new makeup styles. Watch a video of a makeup tutorial and you can do each other’s makeup. Other cool things you can try are getting a hair colour or getting a temporary tattoo.

Try a new activity

There are many things that you can learn, like if you are both interested in cooking you can take up cooking classes, or if you are interested in sewing you can take sewing classes together.

Try doing some sport, like you can go for swimming or play badminton or tennis. If you want to try something adventurous you can go for paragliding, look up online for paragliding places and you can visit there. You can also try surfing. All you would need is surf kneeboards.


You can do something good like volunteering at an elder’s home or orphanage. Find any elders home or orphanages nearby and contact them. You can go there and help them with serving lunch or talking to them and providing them comfort. If you are planning to visit an orphanage you can plan certain games in advance and play with them and also bring them gifts like toys or you can bake them something like cookies.

Go on a holiday

Travelling with friend is fun. You can both go on a road trip and explore places on the way. Take pictures and enjoy your meals outside. If you are planning to travel with your friend, abroad make sure to get all the documents prepared and book your accommodation and other things beforehand.

Picnic with your friend

There may be many beautiful places close by, pick a good spot and go on a picnic with your friend. Bring different picnic food like sandwiches and fruits and drinks and to have fun on the picnic bring some games you can play.

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