Hand Wrapping Vs. Machine Wrapping Pallet


For those businesses who use pallets, they know that they are essential because these materials are used in every aspects of their business such as in stacking, storing and transporting supplies and products. Pallets also make it easier to keep a warehouse, a showroom or a store organized and to provide the place with plenty of spaces, no matter how small it is. When it comes to using pallets for transportation, it is necessary that the pallets are wrapped using a stretch wrap or film.

There are two effective ways you could wrap your pallet, hand wrap and machine wrapped although one is obviously more efficient than the other. This is still depending on your requirement because if you are only using few pallets, hand wrapping them could be enough. But if you think it is necessary for you to purchase a machine to wrap your pallets, consider the following questions first.

How many pallets do you need wrapped in a day?

If you need fifty, hundreds or maybe more pallets that need to be wrapped in a day, by all means invest on a shrink wrapping machine especially if hand wrapping the pallets are slowing down your operation. With this many requirements, it would be more cost effective for you in the future if you invest in a machine that wraps pallets easily.

Are your employees wrapping the pallets uniformly?

You also have to consider your employees and staffs who are wrapping the pallets because this is a tiring task especially if they have been doing it the whole day. Once they get tired of the endless wrapping, their output and work outcome would not be up to par.

You might end up with pallets that are not properly wrapped and the precious items and products that you need to be shipped and transported might end up loose which is dangerous since they might end up damaged even before they reach their intended destination.

Are you short-handed?

If your employees and staff are few, you would benefit a lot from having an automated pallet wrapping machine because it would not require a lot of manpower compared to having your pallet hand wrapped. When you hand wrap your pallets, you would need two to three people to do the job and that is only for one pallet.

One to make sure the pallet and the product is properly placed and are both being wrapped and one to go round and round the pallet and the product holding the wrap and or the film. With this exhausting way of wrapping, your employee would of course, need to rest after wrapping one especially if they get dizzy after all that running in circles! If you have a machine to do all this for you, you have extra hands to help in the other aspects of your operation.

Machine wrapping pallets are also easy to assemble and use. Once you started using one, you might regret why you haven’t purchased one from the very start.

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