Scrapbooking Essentials for Better Crafting


Whether you are good in scrapbooking or have just started your new hobby, you might already y know that certain tools, gadgets and memorabilia makes it unique and craftier. But what are the things you really need? Keep reading to find out some of the most essential things that can help you craft and create better.


Something that can make your scrapbook really eye catching and colourful is pictures. This could be anything ranging from photos to art to images. Take the maximum use of your phones camera and capture a nice sunset or field of flowers. Printout some old photos of you and your friends goofing around and having fun. Cut out images of beautiful art displayed in old magazines and newspapers. This will give you a collection of pictures to start with.

Cutting Tools

The more precise your craftwork is, the better it looks. This is why you need to right cutting tools. Get a paper trimmer to help you cut the images and pages without rough or frayed edges. You will also need a sharp pair of scissors to help you with lines that are not straight. Try out a good crafts store such as Sassy Scrapper scrapbooking supplies to see the range of cutting tools you can buy. You can start with basic tools and move onto more as you become a ‘pro’ at scrapbooking.

Good Adhesive

Get something that will not be gooey all over your pages or your pages will end up glued to each other making a mess of your hard work. At the same time, you need a good adhesive that will keep the additional paper, images and cut-outs firm on the page. There are specific adhesives that are made for junk journaling so you can try out one of those. Something like a tape runner is a popular product among those who do crafts.


Your book doesn’t have to have just images. You might end up writing at least small notes.  You may want to do a bit of journaling, adding little details for your photos, marking down dates and keeping down memories. This means you will need pens. But instead of the everyday black or blue pen, get a set of journaling pens. They come in different colour so you can add a more colourful outlook to your scribbles as well.

Paper and Cards

Whether you are making your book from scrap or you are using an already bound book, you will need paper and cardstock for your journal. Don’t get the same type of paper or cards. Look for paper with different colours, textures and patterns.

There are ones with glitter surfaces, floral patterns, embossed designs and many more. You can use them as pages or cut the shapes you want and use them on other papers of the already bound journal.

At the beginning, you don’t need to start big. Just start with whatever it is easier to find. But once you get really into this hobby, you can go on to buy more stuff such as page protectors, albums to keep your work safe and more tools!

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