Tips to Consider When Carpeting A Bedroom


We all crave a furnished bedroom that looks like a hotel room. A plush king size bed, plenty of pillows to drown in, a balcony view if possible and most important padded, carpeted floors to walk on. However much to our disappointment it’s not very easy to re- create a Marriot style hotel room or rather maintain it.

Have you ever flipped through magazine pictures of bedrooms and thought just how do they maintain carpets? Well while it may be difficult to achieve that level of perfection, a carpeted floor for your bedroom is not impossible. Here are tips to consider when carpeting or laying rugs in your bedroom.


The size of your bedroom plays the main role when carpeting your bedroom. While this may seem quite obvious there are a few reasons to consider this. Ideally a carpet should fit the space while also leaving a certain ratio of bare floor on the sides.

If you are choosing a rug instead choose where it will best suit your bedroom. Many prefer having a rug surrounding the bed so that it adds aesthetic and also provides comfort as you set your feet on the floor. However, consider the bedroom area rug placement before buying the rug, and measure the space beforehand. It is better to have a rug that is slightly bigger than an undersized rug.


The type of weather you live in is a huge determinant of how easy or difficult maintaining a carpet or rug can be. If you live in a dusty, dry or warm area where the weather is usually humid or hot maintaining a carpet can be tougher. Dust will result in you having to vacuum the carpet or rug more often.

If the carpet is made to fit the room or under the bed it may be difficult to continuously clean. Cold temperatures may result in bacteria or fungi build up due to the cold climate. Since a bedroom is possibly the worst place to have bacteria and fungi build up, you will have to be very careful and regularly clean not only the top but the bottom side of the carpet as well.

Carpet texture

Who doesn’t love the feeling of having your feet touch a cloud as you let them touch the ground? While Pinterest and magazine bedroom carpets look luxurious and comfortable, you will have to find something that suits your house, climate and area. If you have pets, kids and a habit of letting dirty shoes on the carpet, opt for dark colours that conceal stains and fur.

Select a texture that is easy to clean and is not prone to catching dust. If you are selecting a rug, another option you have is using different rugs in different parts of the room so there is diversification. This way you can have a softer rug near your bed and coarse textures near bathroom and bedroom entrance. The key is simply choosing the best option that is a balance between comfort and practicality.

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