Top 6 Beach Day Essentials

There is always that one time in the year everyone longs for a beach vacation. A little sun, sea and sand are essential to put a break into our mundane work lives. Beach vacations can be for as long as you want and a nice tan is proof you have maximized your day in the sun.  Here is a list of 6 beach day essentials you must pack.


Wearing sunglasses not only adds to your overall beach vibe but it is essential protection to your eyes. The harsh sunrays of being outdoors for too long can take a toll on your eyes, causing heat strokes and headaches. Go for polarized lens, which is sure to add protection to your eyes. The added bonus about wearing sunglasses is that it acts as a cool accessory for all those Instagram posts that will be filling your feed.


Regardless of how long you will be in the sun and water, sunscreen is a must-have. Sunscreen with SPF 15 is preferred as it protects the skin from the harmful rays. It is always advisable to get a waterproof sunscreen so it will not wash off once you are in the water.

This should be applied at least 10-15 minutes before getting into the water so it has had time to be absorbed into your skin. Sunscreen should be applied to all exposed skin. However, avoid the face as sometimes it can cause irritation.

Swimwear and Spare Clothes

This is a no brainer but sometimes we may tend to forget to pack spare clothes. T-shirts, shorts, wraparounds are some of the easiest clothes to change into and consume less space while packing. Since purchasing clothes online has become the trend, there are a variety of online stores offering funky and cool beach attire.

It also isn’t only limited to ladies’wear; men have a range to choose from too. Surfing through websites inserting certain phrases such as the country can help limit the choices. Whether it is beach wear or lounge wear you can always buy shorts online Australia.


Staying hydrated should be one of your highest priorities. Drinking water sometimes is the last thing on our minds but it should be considered especially when outdoors for long periods of time. When we sweat and stay in the salt water or sun, we lose water from our bodies. This leads to dry skin and worse, headaches. Carrying bottle water is advisable throughout your vacations and sipping it whenever you can.

Hat or Cap

This too is to offer protection to your eyes and head from the sun. While a hat does its job protecting you, it works as a trendy accessory and hides your untidy beach waves.


Carrying your own beach towel enables you to use it anywhere. Spread it on the ground or on a lounge chair. Dry up or even hide under it if it becomes too sunny. It is versatile and useful.

If you have crossed off all these items on your list, it is safe to say you will be having a well-deserved beach vacation.

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