Wedding Guest Outfit – Selecting the Right Pair of Shoes


Wedding seasons are fun and exciting and also call for a huge shopping spree that may or may not lead beyond your budget.  One of the best and worthy investments you can make when it comes to shopping an outfit for a wedding party is your shoes!

Purchasing a pair of shoes that goes with your wardrobe gives you plenty of reasons to wear them all over again on different occasions. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about a newly purchased pair of shoes dying at the back of your closet – after one or two wears – losing its money worth, purpose and need. Here’s a little insight that’ll help you find the right pair of wedding guest shoes!

Types of Shoes

Open-Toed – also known as peep-toe shoes, this pair of shoes dates back to the 1940s and are constantly in and out of fashion and are always considered to bean elegant pair to either dress up or down.

Flats – from winter weddings to beach wedding, flats are always easy going and keep you comfortable through and through. It also allows you to dance without resulting in sore feet. Deseo wedding flats haven amazing options for you.

Strappy Sandals – a pair of strappy sandals is minimalistic yet pretty and make for a wonderful choice for spring and summer wedding seasons. They’re also effortless and trendy.

Wedges – while always being contemporary, wedges are constantly evolving and come in various styles, textures, printed fabrics, etc. They’re a very stylish and comfortable pair of heels.

Stilettos – thin heel shoes are always classic and elegant and come in different kinds of heights. However, it’s important to keep the height to a minimal so as not to overpower the look of the bride.

Block Heels – perfect choice for garden weddings, block heels are easy to put on and are always a classy choice of shoes. Unlike stilettos, these are minimal yet dressy and give you the perfect height.

Slip-Ons – apart from being easy to put on, slip-ons are wonderful to pair with white-tie or black-tie themed weddings. Slip-ons often have kitten heels that are sweet and sexy.

Things To Consider

Weather Shenanigans – wearing the wrong styled shoe in the wrong weather can be a catastrophe. Keeping your choice weather and season friendly allows you to enjoy the shoes and use it through the months to come.

Location Appropriate – wearing stiletto heels to a beach wedding would not only be inappropriate but also impossible to walk in. therefore it’s important to select your shoes based on the location on the invite.

Comfy Levels –shoes can be a pain and even strangle your feet if they aren’t comfortable to wear and walk in. Purchasing an uncomfortable shoe makes also makes it an unworthy investment.

Colour Combo – while selecting your shoes, it’s important to consider the colour combination of not just your wedding guest attire, but also your wardrobe in order to ensure you can add to your collection and wear again.

Shoes are always the exciting part of an entire outfit.

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