Why Your Sewing Thread Constantly Breaks and What You Could Do About It


One of the frustrating things that could happen to someone who is in the midst of a sewing project is for the thread to entwine and knot or for the thread to break. This could sometimes make any expert tailor or seamstress lose their mind or be irritated enough to just abandon the project.

Seeing that this could happen to skilled and proficient professional, what could prevent this from happening to a novice? Before you even begin a sewing project, know what to do first to prevent your thread from breaking (some of these tips could be applied to both hand sewing and or machine sewing).

Wrong or broken needle

Needles comes in various sizes because of the various thickness or frailty of fabrics. There are needles that you are only supposed to use on thicker fabrics and finer needles to use on sheer and flimsy fabrics. Sewing by hand or using a sewing machine, you need to make sure that you are using the correctly sized needle and that it is still in a pristine condition. You would not want your fabric to be mutilated especially the translucent ones which is possible if you use thicker needles.

If you use finer needles on thicker fabrics, you might end up damaging the needle and even your sewing machine if the needle broke and some of the fragments ended up inside the machine. Your needles also contribute to your thread breaking since you might be using a finer needle on a thick fabric and you might be pulling on the thread for the needle to go through. To ensure that your thread would not be subjected to any blunt force of you pulling on it, use the correct needle.

Poor quality thread

Another possible reason why your thread keeps on breaking is that you have purchased poor quality thread. One of the things you need to make sure regarding sewing machine thread is that it should last. If the thread is made out of weak fibres, there is a tendency that it would break frequently. Dark threads also break easily than light coloured ones. If you are looking for heavy duty sewing threads, you could never go wrong with a thread made out of polyester or nylon.

Expired thread

It might come as a surprise to you, but threads also have an expiration date. Using them beyond their shelf life might cause them to become weak and brittle, causing them to break easily. If you don’t want to waste the thread that you have and you don’t want to purchase new ones, there is a solution to make sure they don’t break easily while you are sewing. You could either mist it over with water or use a thread lubricant or liquid silicone to make sure the moisture content of the thread is enough to rehydrate the thread.

When you are sewing using your machine, there might be other factors that would cause your thread to break easily. Before you start any sewing project, cleaning and making sure all parts of your machine is properly cared for would save you from the headache and frustration of your threads breaking.

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